November 25th 2018
‘Music While You Work’

For many years, the BBC Radio presented Music While You Work, partly, as a war-time effort to encourage workers in their industrial roles, but for long after the WWII finished, the programme remained very popular. The PCO will present three programmes as experienced on the wireless, covering all the genre of styles over the many years of the broadcasts.

Programme 1
Calling All Workers (1940)                                     Eric Coates (1885-1957)
Barbecue (1952)                                                      Sidney Torch (1908-1990)
Berceuse Arabe Op. 166 (1925)                            Cecile Chaminade (1857-1944)
I can’t give you anything but love, Dancing in the Dark    A. Schwartz arr. J. Lally
Vocalist – Val Baulard
Cresta Run or Going for a Ride (1959)                  Sidney Torch (1908- 1990)
Moorland Fiddlers (1934)                                        Arthur Wood (1875-1953)
Until-a paraphrase on the famous song (1934)  Wilfred Sanderson (1878-1935) Adapted and arr. H. Wood
Programme 2
Runaway Rocking Horse (1946)                              Edward White (1910-1994)
Sobra las Olas Juventino Rosas (1868-1894)         arr. Aubrey Winter
Laughing Violin (1954)                                              Kai Mortensen
Dance of the Icicles (1933)                                       Kenneth Russell
Fireflies (1954)                                                            Peter Yorke (1902-1966)
Seashore (1960)                                                          Robert Farnon (1917-1990)
Martial Moments – march medley                          Selected and arr. Aubrey Winter
Programme 3
King Cotton – March                           John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)
Rendez-vous (1894)                            Wilhelm Aletter (1867-1934) arr. G. Charrosin
Fiddle-Faddle (1947)                           Leroy Anderson (1908-1975)
I’ll never stop loving You                   N. Brodszky arr. J. Warrington & D.E.Bayford
You’re driving me crazy                     Walter Donaldson arr. Bert Barnes
Vocalist – Val Baulard
Jamaican Rumba (1946)                      A. Benjamin (1893-1960) arr. N. Richardson
Lark in the Clear Air (1930)                 C. Hardelbeck (1869-1945) ed. by Woodhouse
Golden Arrow (1948)                            Jack Beaver (1900-1963)
Selection – Community Land Songs  arr. by R.S. Stodden
Calling All Workers                               Eric Coates (1886-1957)


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