Rowena Thornton

Rowena Thornton was born in Leeds into a musical family and has been singing since the age of four. Over the years she has taken part in a number of performances of a variety of styles and genres including opera, oratorio, Lieder and contemporary music, including premieres of new works. Rowena performs both as soloist and as a part of an ensemble, has also appeared in plays, and has been singing professionally since the age of seventeen.

She graduated in Music at the University of Birmingham, during which time she was a member of the Birmingham University Singers; then completed her Masters in Performance at Leeds College of Music, where she performed a wide range of repertoire from Purcell to Cage and beyond. She has an intense love for, and a strong knowledge of music, and always strives to combine these to give the best performance she can. Rowena studies with Geraldine Cassidy.