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2016 DISC 1

Family Favourites Concert recorded live May 2015

‘Oxford Street’ from ‘London Again’ suite (1936)
‘Fairy Coach’ (1955)
‘Langham Place’ from ‘London Again’ suite (1936)
‘Autumn Crocus’- Idyll,(1932) (piano soloist – Brian Heaton)
‘Sweet and Dainty’ (1950)
‘The Typewriter’ (1953) (soloist – Irene Wynne-George)
‘On a Spring Note’ (1957)
‘High Stepper’- The ‘Aggie’ theme (1956)
‘Plink, Plank, Plonk’ (1952)
‘Starlings’ (1950)
‘Hot Dog Buddy Buddy’ (1956)
‘Three Impressions’ for orchestra (1952)
1. High Street 2. In a calm 3. Manhattan Playboy
‘With a Song in my Heart’ (1929)

Eric Coates
Ernest Tomlinson
Eric Coates
Billy Mayerl arr.Herman Finck

Ernest Tomlinson
Leroy Anderson arr. Tomlinson
Sidney Torch
Ronald Binge
Leroy Anderson arr. Tomlinson
Charles Williams
Bill Haley arr. Jimmy Lally
Robert Farnon

Rodgers & Hart arr. Jimmy Lally

Housewives Choice Concert recorded live May 2014

‘Journey into Melody’ (1949)
‘Jumping Bean’(1948)
‘Bank Holiday’-‘Appy ‘Ampstead’ from the Cockney Suite ‘Cameos of London Life’ (1924)

Robert Farnon
Robert Farnon
Albert W. Ketelbey

2016 DISC 2 

Popular Theme Music Concert recorded live November 2015

‘Best Foot Forward’
‘A Little March’ theme for Dr Finlay’s Case Book
‘Devil’s Galop’  theme for ‘Dick Barton’
‘Top Hat, White Tie and Tails’
‘The Big Country’ theme
Ernest Tomlinson
Trevor Duncan
Charles Williams
Irving Berlin arr. Jimmy Lally
Jerome Moross arr. Richard Ling

Music from the Palm Court
Concert recorded live March 2015

‘Mystic Beauty’ – A Veil Dance                                                                                       Herman Finck
‘The Toy Maker’s Dream’ – Characteristic Piece (1929)                                            Ernie Golden
‘Three Birds Suite’ – PCO commission and World Premiere                                  Robert Singer
1. The Robin 2. The Swan 3. The Swallow
‘The Middy’ – March (1917)                                                                                             Kenneth Alford
‘L’Oiseau Mouche’ Polka Op.105 (piccolo soloist – Suzanne de Lozey)                Eugene Damare
‘Love Song’ – Morceau de Concert                                                                                      Haydn Wood
‘Three English Dances’ Op.11                  Roger Quilter arr. Percy Fletcher
1. Allegro giocoso 2. Allegro scherzoso 3. Allegro ma non troppo